Entrance Security Health Organisation Concept


The system measures the temperature, controls the wearing of masks, provides them, disinfects hands and controls doors and turnstiles on request and reads out access authorizations.

This allows a legally required record of who has been with whom, and for how long and it is possible to selectively track and interrupt chains of transmission and eliminate the virus.


By saturating the air with a negatively charged ionized solution, aerosols, viruses and germs are immediately contained and neutralized. The system is ready for use e.g. in classrooms, offices, conference rooms in about 20 minutes, independently controls the air saturation, sustainably combats bacteria and ensures a pleasant indoor climate.


The surface sealant is a hygienic coating that has a very strong antimicrobial effect against bacteria and enveloped viruses (including covid-19). The coating acts through a purely physical mechanism of action, making it particularly sustainable and effective over a period of several months.


The overall concept includes various well-known and certified products. The target is the exclusion and elimination of germs, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to health. After an individual consultation with the customer the concept can be set up, applied and implemented in its entirety or in parts by professionally trained specialists in line with the budget. Our sustainable overall concept also includes professional aftercare.